• Kitchen #1

    What’s Your Ideal
    Kitchen Improvement Project?

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  • Bathroom #2

    Your Dream Space
    Comes To Reality

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  • Flooring #3

    Tile - Marble - Hardwood Floors
    Laminate - Cork Floors !

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Hello there!

welcome to Kitchen & Bath

remodeling company

Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling company

We specialize in residential and commercial floorings, kitchens and bathrooms for new construction or remodeling projects in the Houston, Sugar-land, League City, Katy - Texas area.

We are specializes in Flooring, Kitchen and bathroom services. We are offering quality services in Houston, Sugar-land, League City, Katy - Texas area for over 15 years. We offer low-cost, high-quality alternatives to all our services. Our services are environmentally friendly and require far less down time, making these alternatives even more attractive.

Kitchen & Bath remodeling company

is a unique service company. Our focus to provide highest quality to our customers, saves time, money and mess.